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    Hall Visits Normandy

    During the past 34 years, U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall has participated in numerous events around Congressional District 4 in honor of those who have served this great nation. Today he is in France to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day on Friday.

    Posted: Thursday, June 5, 2014 10:38 am
    Mary Madewell
    Congressman Ralph Hall is in France to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day on Friday. The invasion of the beaches of Normandy is considered the turning point of World War II as Allied forces pushed through France and into Germany after months of continuous ground battles.
    This is the Congressman’s first visit to the hallowed beaches although he has visited other battles sites, including Saipan and the Northern Mariana Islands.
    “To honor those brave men who fought and those who fell on that day on the soil where blood and tears were shed in the name of freedom will be one of the most significant experiences of my life,” Hall said shortly before his flight on Wednesday.
    Hall is one of two remaining lawmakers on Capitol Hill to have participated in World War II. The other, Rep. John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat, is not attending, according to a Dallas Morning News report.
    I was not surprised to learn Hall would attend this anniversary service. Although he did not participate in the Normandy invasion, he flew planes off naval aircraft carriers in the Pacific theater and on rare occasion I have heard him talk about the missions he flew. Hall has a history of supporting veterans.
    I have heard him speak about coming from a military family. His father fought in World War I and his brother also fought in World War II. He credits his years in the Navy for teaching him discipline — to focus on work ethic, to fight for what you believe in and to never give up.
    At 91 years old, the Congressman belongs to a dwindling group of World War II veterans. According to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, there are about 1.2 million veterans remaining of the 16 million who served.
    As a constituent in the Texas 4th Congressional District where Ralph Hall has served admirably in Washington D.C. for the past 34 years, I am pleased he will be representing not only our district but the rest of Texas at this 70th anniversary of one of the most important days in American history. President Barack Obama also will be in attendance.
    U.S. forces bore the brunt of allied casualties on that day, according to The Guardian, an international news website. Of the estimated 4,500 who died, some 2,500 were U.S. soldiers. Casualty figures for Omaha Beach, where difficult terrain allowed German machine gun fire to tear into troops, were higher than on any other beach.
    I can’t imagine what the world would be today had the Allied powers fallen to Germany, Italy and Japan dictators. D-Day served as the beginning of the end of World War II and an Allied victory.
    Look for a tribute to those who fought and gave their lives on June 6, 1944, and the days that followed in Sunday’s edition of the Paris News.

    Mary Madewell is a staff writer for The Paris News.

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    Vets serving Vets

    Without veteran representation in Congress, how do we stand a chance of keeping America free?

  • Ted Cruz sings praises of WWII vet Ralph Hall as runoff nears

    WASHINGTON— Sen. Ted Cruz praised fellow Texas Republican Ralph Hall as he presented the longtime congressman with an award Wednesday honoring his military service and support of veterans.

    “Ralph is a man of courage and principle,” Cruz said. “There is no doubt whatsoever that among the Texas delegation, there is no member held in higher regard by his colleagues than Congressman Ralph Hall.”

    Hall received the “Founding Patriot Award” at an event in Washington honoring veterans, specifically those in Congress. He’s the only World War II veteran in Congress running for reelection. (Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., is retiring.) The Washington Times newspaper sponsored the event, which donated a portion of its proceeds to the group Caring for Military Families.

    One of Hall’s former challengers during the 2014 primary election, military veteran Tony Arterburn, introduced the 17-term congressman.

    “His convictions, his heart, his passion to serve the people in Texas is unmatched,” he said. “I wasn’t running against you sir, I was running to be like you.”

    While Hall led in the March primary, he did not receive a majority of the vote. He faces former U.S. attorney John Ratcliffe in a runoff primary on Tuesday.

    A number of Texans joined Hall and Cruz, including Republicans Plano Rep. Sam Johnson and Sen. John Cornyn.

    By Ben Kamisar at http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2014/05/ralph-hall-honored-for-world-war-ii-service.html/

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    Ron Paul endorses Ralph

    WASHINGTON– Former Texas congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul has endorsed Rep. Ralph Hall in his Republican primary runoff against John Ratcliffe.

    “Ralph Hall has served his constituents honorably in Congress and I consider him a friend. I am proud to endorse his reelection to Congress from the great state of Texas,” said Paul in a statement issued Tuesday by the Hall campaign.

    Paul, an influential libertarian leader, is known for his opposition to increased government spending, advocacy for privacy rights, and distrust of the Federal Reserve and federal monetary policy.

    “Dr. Paul and I have fought side by side for freedom and limited government, and I’m proud to receive his endorsement,” Hall said in a statement.

    Paul, an obstetrician, spent about 23 years in the U.S. House between 1976 and 2013 in three stints, representing districts along the Gulf Coast and around Houston.

    He has a complex history with the GOP. He left briefly in the 1980s and ran for president in 1988 as the Libertarian Party nominee. In 2008 and 2012, he competed for the Republican presidential nomination, building a strong following among libertarian-leaning Republicans, many of whom now are hoping to see his son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, win the White House.

    After dropping out, Ron Paul refused to speak at the Republican National Convention or endorse nominee Mitt Romney.

    “It wouldn’t be my speech,” Paul told The New York Times. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”

    Paul’s challenges to the GOP establishment have mirrored those of the tea party, and he’s been called the “godfather” of the movement, though his stance on social issues, including advocacy for the elimination of many drug laws, have made him unpopular with social conservatives.

    Hall has previously gotten the nod for reelection from House tea party leader Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, conservative activist David Barton, and the National Rifle Association.

    Ratcliffe touts his own conservative supporters, including tea party-related groups such as Club for Growth, The Madison Project, and the Senate Conservatives Fund.

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    Who Do You Trust?

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    Sometimes They Need To Stay

    by Judson Phillips

    This year, the “Throw the bums out” mentality rules.

    There are many politicians who have been in DC far too long and have forgotten why they went. There are some who definitely must be voted out this year. These include liberal Lamar Alexander, Lindsay Graham and Thad Cochran.

    Unfortunately this year there seems to be a knee jerk reaction to throw all of the incumbents out. Do we really want to throw people like Louie Gohmert out just because they are incumbents?

    There is one incumbent who is facing a primary run off. The primary complaint about him seems to be that he has been in DC too long.

    If he is still voting the right way, why do we want to get rid of a good conservative?

    Who is this conservative?

    His name is Ralph Hall and he is running for reelection for an 18th term in the House of Representatives. He represents Texas’ 4th Congressional District.

    If Ralph Hall is reelected this year, he will be the last World War II Veteran serving in the United States Congress. Hall spent three years in the Pacific as a carrier pilot during World War II.

    Hall went to Congress as a Democrat but in 2004 switched to the Republican Party. His conservative credentials are solid. He has received 100% ratings from Concerned Women for America as well as Eagle Forum. He has received high ratings from the American Conservative Union. He has won an award from the ACU for his conservative stances. He scores well on the scorecards of many conservative groups, including the ACU and Americans for Prosperity.

    Hall also has come out calling for House Speaker John Boehner to resign.

    Hall’s opponent is John Ratcliffe. Hall is 90, Ratcliffe is 48 and while he won’t come out and say it, his primary message seems to be Hall is too old for the job.

    Ratcliffe’s background is as an attorney. He was a senior United States Attorney under the Bush administration, which should be a red flag right there. Does anyone remember the Bush administration being more interested in prosecuting Border Patrol Agents than it was in enforcing immigration laws?

    Ratcliffe’s elective experience is that of being a small town Mayor for Heath, Texas.

    In short, Ratcliffe has no track record.

    Could Ratcliffe be as conservative as Ralph Hall? He might be but that is taking a shot in the dark. Given his ties to the Bush side of the Republican Party (Being a US Attorney under Bush and currently a partner in John Ashcroft’s law firm), people are assuming a lot when they believe he will be as conservative as Ralph Hall.

    Ratcliffe may end up being a decent guy and might end up being a conservative congressman. But right now, that is a roll of the dice.

    The knee jerk reaction is to throw incumbents out.

    Many of them do need to go.

    But not Ralph Hall.

    Ratcliffe needs a record that he can be judged on. Especially if he wants to replace a Congressman with a very solid conservative record.

    The voters of Texas’ 4th Congressional District need to return Ralph Hall back to Congress.



    Original article found at http://www.teapartynation.com/m/discussion?id=3355873%3ATopic%3A2800356

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    Bachmann endorses incumbent Texas congressman in Republican run-off

    Legal Newsline Staff Writer • | APRIL 30, 2014 AT 7:04 PM

    Topics: Texas Campaigns Legal Newsline Michele Bachmann

    WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – On Wednesday, Michele Bachmann, an iconic tea party figure and former GOP presidential candidate, endorsed U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas, in the upcoming Republican primary runoff.

    In the March 4 Republican primary, Hall, who at the age of 90 is the oldest serving congressman, failed to capture the 50 percent needed to overcome former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe, forcing a May 27 runoff election.

    “It is a great honor to endorse Ralph Hall, a fellow Constitutional Conservative,” Bachmann said in a statement.

    “He is a true patriot who has fought for our great country in defense of the values and principles we hold dear. In Congress, Ralph Hall has been a leader in the fight against Obamacare, a strong advocate of enforcing our immigration laws, and stood firm on securing our borders. The people of the 4th District are fortunate to have Ralph Hall fighting for them.”

    Hall represents Texas’s 4th Congressional District and was originally a member of the Democratic Party before switching alliances in 2004.

    “Congressman Hall is honored to have the support of Michele Bachmann,” his campaign said in a statement. “This sends a clear message as to who the true conservative is in this race. Ralph Hall has a consistent record of standing up for family values, defending the Second Amendment and working to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

    Hall also received support from another tea party icon earlier this month.

    On April 16, U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., endorsed Hall, calling him a friend and fellow patriot.


    Original Story: Bachmann endorses incumbent Texas congressman in Republican run-off

    Content provided by Legal Newsline, which is owned by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. 

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    VA Based National Vets Publication Calls Him ‘A Great American and an Outstanding Brave and Patriotic Veteran’
    Falls Church, Virginia – The long established national VETERANS’ VISION publication put its hard earned credibility behind Congressman Ralph Hall today, fighting in support of his re-election for Texas’s Fourth District.
    “As publisher of the nationwide VETERANS’ VISION publication, I have worked the halls of Congress for two decades. Without qualification, Congressman Ralph Hall is a Champion among Champions for veterans in the United State Congress,” said Maj. Brian Hampton, publisher of THE VETERANS’ VISION. “I have had the honor of having met with Cong. Hall and want to spread the word far and wide, that he not only actively supported veterans’ organization with which I have been affiliated, but is a compassionate and genuine man.”

    A veteran himself, Representative Ralph Hall served as an aircraft carrier pilot in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. For the past 34 years Congressman Hall has represented Texas’s Fourth District, and has served as an invaluable supporter of our nation’s veterans. During his tenure, Rep. Hall has served at the Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, and as a member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Throughout this service, the Congressman has remained a stalwart supporter of not only the over 60,000 veterans living in his district, but veterans throughout the nation.

    The VETERANS’ VISION cites Congressman Hall’s commitment to cut waste in all federal departments, and keep the promises our nation made to its veterans. He has taken a strong stance to address the backlog in VA disability claims, and works tirelessly to help veterans gain access to the services and assistance they deserve. From the medical, to the financial, to the educational, Representative Hall understands the challenges faced by those who have served, and is willing to put politics aside and address these issues head on.

    On the subject of Rep. Hall’s military and public service, Maj. Hampton had this to say, “Well known is that he will be the last Member of Congress who served in WWII, after Cong. John Dingell’s retirement. Congressman Hall hails from ‘The Greatest Generation,’ and served in the United States Navy for three years during the height of that war. We urge the voters of Northeast Texas 4th District to return the honor he has brought our nation, by returning him with honor, where he belongs, by re-electing Ralph Hall to the United States Congress.”


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